Today we are going to learn what is 69? If some of You thought it was a pose that takes Your grandmother in the garden when the beds pulls out a carrot, then he was wrong. Position 69 in sex man and woman (though sometimes, as woman to woman and man to man – fu) is when you don't want to look each other in the eye. That is, it is the ideal position when a man or woman does not differ beauty (terrible), and once look in my eyes can beat off all desire to have sex. Before ugly woman wore on the head a package with holes for eyes and mouth, and now came up with a 69. Also this position is perfect for a couple who quarreled. When you're angry and hate your partner, you don't want to see him. But look at the genitals – very nice and not annoying, we all look back. However, there is the only danger – if the girl in 69 sucks the guy's dick and can't forgive him, there is a possibility of self-harm in the truest sense of the word, that is, by biting the male device. In any case, 69 in which the partners are located persons to their genitals and caress them, will help diversify Your sex and will give a new sensation (only the most important for both partners to pre-wash). We have porn site RED21 you can download or watch porn videos pose 69 for free at any time of the day.