This page contains porn videos with actress Sasha grey / Sasha Grey which has already won the hearts of many men across the planet. All that is written below was taken from Wikipedia. Real name Marina Ann Hantzis she was born March 14, 1988 in Sacramento, California, in a family of mechanics Greek-American origin. In March 2006, she worked at the diner where and saved $ 7,000 for a trip to Los Angeles, and there began her porn career. In April 2006, the Marina came to Los Angeles with the firm intention to make a career porn actress. Later, its full confidence in the choice of profession, the girl explained that from a young age showed a strong interest in sexuality and pornography (at the age of eleven in 1999, she began to watch porn), but eventually was disappointed in the product range, which was able to offer the porn market: "most of the XXX movies I find boring and not exciting — either physically or visually. I want to be the one to satisfy everybody's fancy". When one of the Actresses of Spigler due to illness refused the filming of the movie John Stagliano The Fashionistas 2 in its place was invited Sasha grey. Her first scene in porn was an Orgy with Rocco siffredi. Later in the interview, Sasha admitted that on the first film, she has left very good memories, although she does not remember in which order was a man: "Your thoughts are somewhere far away from here, everything is under control, but you lost. It is a wonderful feeling, I love them"